About Us

Here at VMS studio we believe in quality over quantity! We specialize in Automotive and Realestate videography but always seek to venture into other fields as well. If you are looking for B2B connections with a predefined pipeline workflow, we may be the right studio for you. We approach every video with passion and with attention to details, but we work very efficiently . Turnaround times for post-production can be as short as 24 hours.

With each contract we hope for an exciting experience that will help us enjoy our lives even more! The world of Video and Audio is the world of magic where everything is possible, and even the impossible gets a chance of possibility.

Vigen V. A. Producer

Vigen is the driving force of VMS studio. He has experience in video production of over 6 years. He is an After Effects and Premiere Pro guru and has experience in Directing/DP. Vigen has a strong knowledge of cameras, scene planning, VFX supervision, compositing, etc.

Vagan V. M. Senior Designer

Vagan Milano has studied art for his entire life. He’s studied in Academia Di Belle Arti Di Venezia and Academia Di Brera Di Milano. Anything from shot planning, storyboarding to visual effects looks and setups is under his supervision.


You will find our response-times very quick, so feel free to drop us a line, say hi and introduce your project. Regardless of which stage your project is, our team will be happy to take it over, hear your requests, suggest solutions and ideas, and then deliver the results in par with your expectations.


If you are starting a new line of products or business, etc. our team can help you develop both video ads, design banners and print graphics, help you thru the advertising and even create a website for you. It’s easier to do all these different tasks with people who are already familiar with the project.


Get in touch with us right away. We are available on Skype, E-mail and over Phone. All info can be found on the [contact page]


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