About Us

Here at VMS studio we believe in quality over quantity! We have a team of selected professionals who act like a big strong family. We have chosen them not by their skills only but also how fun it is to work with these individuals. With each contract we hope for an exciting experience that will help us enjoy our lives even more! The world of Video and Audio is the world of magic where everything is possible, and even the impossible gets a chance of possibility.

Vigen V. A. Founder and CEO

Known by close partners as V, he is the driving force of VMS studio. He personally works on video post production projects as well as delegates web/mobile development and design projects. V is a true connossieur of Wine and Cigars.

Nahapet N. H. Senior Developer

Nahapet is the professional literally behind any plugin, app or website that we develop. He’s a back-end expert, specializing in PHP, Javascript, HTML 5 as well as many many other programming languages.

Vagan V. M. Senior Designer

Vagan Milano is the ‘dude from Italy”. He’s studied art for his entire life and is a nutjob when it comes to fine art and design. Anything from visual effects to websites and mobile GUI goes under his evaluation for proper visual content. His main passion is Cars and Yachts.


You will find our response-times very quick, so feel free to drop us a line, say hi and introduce your project. Regardless of which stage your project is, our team will be happy to take it over, hear your requests, suggest solutions and ideas, and then deliver the results in par with your expectations.


If you are starting a new line of products or business, etc. our team can help you develop both video ads, design banners and print graphics, help you thru the advertising and even create a website for you. It’s easier to do all these different tasks with people who are already familiar with the project.


Get in touch with us right away. We are available on Skype, E-mail and Phone. All info can be found on the [contact page]


We have great skills and equipment for your audio or video project.


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