Prices for video production and other services

Video Editing, Post Production and Special Effects – usually $100-$2000 for short ads and music videos

2D Character Animation – $600 and up for custom character

Kinetic Typography – $200-$600

Film scoring, Sound Design, Folio – $150 and up depending on the needs

Field recording and filming – varies from project to project, contact us for a quote

Mixing and Mastering audio – $100-$400 for a basic Rock/Blues Band

Voice Acting, Voice Characters – $45 per minute of voice recorded

General graphic design – $50 and up depending on a project

Logo and banner design – $50-$300 for a Logo

Web design – $800-$1500 for a custom designed website, $1500 and up for website from scratch

WordPress installation and tweaking – $100-$300 installation and population/customisation