What does Marketing really mean?

Marketing is an aspect of business for everyone out there! Whether you are aware of it or not, every business has some sort marketing that’s taking place. Unfortunately, a lot of companies aren’t utilizing their full potential with proper marketing campaigns!

Doing marketing properly helps businesses understand their customers, reach out to them and make them happy with the product or service they offer. A successful marketing campaign can result in increased sales, increased customer loyalty, and increased market share for the company.

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Why You Shouldn’t Run Your Own Ads?

If you own a business that values their online presence, we’re almost positive that you’ve either thought about or tried running ads on social media yourself. If there’s one thing we can guarantee when it comes to running ads is that no matter what your campaign is, you are surely not getting every bang for the buck!

Internet makes it really easy to think that for only $10 (insert any other number) you’ll be able to run ads and target the audience you’re after.

Of course the more you pay, the more there’s a chance you’ll have some successful conversions. After all, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

Most Companies aren’t utilizing their full potential with their marketing campaigns!

Stop Wasting Money!

We constantly run multiple accounts for multiple companies. This gives us more data, insights, and inspiration. While on an individual level, you have nothing to compare to, we are able to track your results, compare their performance and OPTIMIZE your campaigns so you PAY LESS and GET MORE from every campaign.


How It Works

We will create dynamic retargeting and lookalike campaigns which profile and target potential clients based on their interests or habits for example:

Targeting and Lookalike Campaign

We will create dynamic retargeting and lookalike campaigns which profile and target potential clients based on their interests or habits for example:

  • Persons who have previously visited your website
  • Persons searching google for relatable keywords
  • Persons visiting a competitor’s site

Using the Power of Social Media

Most of these individuals have a social media account, be it IG or FB where they would now be reachable via our dynamic ads configuration! Even those who have never been to your website or just show in their browsing habits that they have the potential to become a client will be added to an auto generated targeting list of clients.

Privacy Insured

The list is only accessible to the campaign and therefore does not infringe on an individual’s privacy. Only after filling out or interacting with our ads will these prospects become our prospects.


Motion Graphics

We’ll be your one-stop-shop for motion graphics whether you need motion graphics, kinetic typography, scriptwriting and voice acting! We’ve been in the industry for over 6 years, we know what works best and constantly keep adapting our skills to the current demand!

Video Editing

Depending on the scope of the project, we’ll use Adobe Premiere Pro or DaVinci Resolve. We’re happy to pick up from where you left, or start from scratch!

Do you need to send us your footage on a HDD? We have a shipping address in USA, UK, Germany, Italy and China!

Video Production

We shoot professional video on Blackmagic Design 4K and 6K cameras. We’ll shoot a packshot video for your next product or a full commercial. Talking head and other types of video production projects are also welcome!

Do you need to send us your product? We have a shipping address in USA, UK, Germany, Italy and China!


Do you want a video but don’t know where to start? Why not reach out to us for help? If you have a story, we know how to put that into words and eventually a video!

Color Grading

We’ve all seen the uprise of lazy LUT usage. We grade from scratch, using only technical/proprietary LUTs for certain tasks but not for the final look! Everything related to color grading is done in DaVinci Resolve.

Roto, Tracking & Comping

Do you need any other specific work done such as roto, tracking or comping? Get in touch and let’s discuss your project!


Vigen V. Arutyunyan

Producer, CEO

Vigen is the driving force and founder of VMS studio. He’s a professional Producer, Videographer and Director. He has experience of over 6 years in the industry and is a native speaker of three languages: English, Russian, Armenian.


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