This is a one-of-a-kind plugin. One of the biggest differences from any other plugin is the feature to stop and resume quizzes anytime. No more breaking of a big quiz into smaller bits and pieces, confusing the users and not letting them emerge into the quiz-taking process

Quizlord also offers a more traditional set of tools such as:

  • Saving user scores in the database
  • Time-limited quizzes
  • Editing and removal of quizzes
  • Adding, editing and removal of questions within any quiz
  • Statistics for each quiz from the admin panel

Loading of each question is achieved with Ajax, which makes everything clean, fast and efficient. It also offers higher security since it disables users from viewing the answers from within ‘code inspectors’, which is unforeseen in man other quiz plugins currently available.

We also offer very fast support over emails or skype, as well as urgent bug fixes upon discovery. Contact us upon any questions or requests.

We strive to bring the cleanest and fastest code to you. We constantly work on fixing any bugs for this amazing plugin. As such, we appreciate any support by sharing our plugin and donating.